What is Terumah?

At Temple Emanuel, Terumah (pronounced true-mah) is the term we use for members’ financial support.  We believe that your support of Temple Emanuel serves a higher purpose than merely keeping the lights on.  Part of our mission is to foster “a sense of extended family through a warm and supportive atmosphere.” The giving of Terumah is an important way of supporting each other and sustaining the Temple family.  The standard Terumah is $1,800, affiliates $300, non-residents (residing more than 50 miles away) is $360, and $36 for college students.  A portion of your Terumah pledge goes to support the Union for Reform Judaism.
What if I cannot afford to pay the standard Terumah?  Temple Emanuel has a policy that no one will be turned away due to financial hardship. If you cannot pay the standard Terumah for a family or individual, you may request financial assistance on an annual basis. 

What is the Honor Society?  Temple Emanuel is extremely fortunate that many of our members are able to pay significantly more than the standard Terumah.  This allows us to provide the superior staff and programming in which we pride ourselves. The Honor Society ensures that all members of the Jewish community are able to participate in Temple Emanuel regardless of their ability to pay and that the Temple has the financial resources to meet the needs of its congregants.



Cornerstone: $18,000 or higher   

Pillar:  $10,000-17,999      

Visionary: $7,200-9,999     

Guardian: $5,400- 7,199     

Leader:  $3,600-5,399

Donor:   $2,000-3,599

Builder: Those who increased their terumah pledge by $180 or more

Those who give at the levels listed above are acknowledged in our annual Book of the New Year.


Your Terumah pledge is billed and payable in advance.  Temple Emanuel accepts payments via cash, check, credit card and bank electronic funds transfer.  A resignation during the fiscal year does not relieve a member of Terumah or Capital Improvements Fund obligation.

Temple Emanuel’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

Payment schedule:  

Annually (due by 12/31 of the fiscal year)
Semi-annually (due by 9/30 and 3/31 of the fiscal year)
Quarterly (due by 9/30, 12/31, 3/31 and 6/30 of the fiscal year)
Monthly (due by end of the month after receipt of the statement)


The CIF supports major building projects, including repair and renovation of existing facilities.  All members of Temple Emanuel are required to make a $1,500 pledge to this fund ($750 if you are an individual with no dependent children).  Payment of this pledge can be made over a period of one to five years, and a deferral (though not a reduction) may be requested due to financial hardship. 

If you have any questions about giving to TE, feel free to contact our Executive Director,

 Laura Denhardt at 336-292-7899 or Ldenhardt@tegreensboro.org.

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As a diverse congregation, we explore Jewish traditions, culture, rituals, and history in a warm environment that is inclusive, relevant, and inspirational. Preschooler or retiree, teen or mother, survivor or corporate climber, there are meaningful services, ceremonies and engaging events for everyone.

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