Volunteer Opportunities at TE

Mitzvah Day is a wonderful opportunity for the Greensboro Jewish community to participate in the holy task of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. Mitzvah Day is a concerted effort, on a single day, to bring the entire community together to spend one day volunteering with social justice projects/activities in the community. Volunteers choose from a variety of projects that cater to diverse interests, capabilities, and ages. A successful Mitzvah Day strengthens the community’s commitment to social action and its identity as a caring community.

By joining together to perform acts of social responsibility and kindness on Mitzvah Day, we of the Greensboro Jewish Community fulfill our shared Jewish obligation of Tikkun Olam, of “repairing the world.” We capitalize on the vibrancy and vitality of our community to aid those in need, regardless of religion, race, or creed. In doing so, we honor our neighbors, ourselves, our Tradition, and G-d.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for GSO Mitzvah Day 2023!

Stay tuned here for information on next year's Mitzvah Day!

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Become a Friend of the Jewish Festival

and Sign up to be a Volunteer!

Become a Friend of the Festival and help us share our beautiful sanctuary, delicious traditional Jewish foods, music, and so much more with our community! 

With the minimum donation of $100.00, donors' names will be listed on the website and in the pamphlet that will be handed out during the Festival. Every little bit helps and while we prefer $100, all donations are greatly appreciated. 

Want a fun way of getting involved this year at TE? Sign up to be a volunteer at the 2023 Jewish Festival here.