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Spring Mix 2021 presents THE BIG _UNEVEN

It has been QUITE a year and we are all spread way too thin dealing with Covid-19. So we want to change things up for our Spring Mix Fundraiser.  This year you can stay at home - comfy, cozy, and safe - while virtually gathering with your Temple friends!


For the FUNDRAISER part of our Spring Mix, we are asking each household to consider donating $36.  No amount is too small or too large, but if everyone donated $36, we would have a very successful Spring Fundraiser without having to leave our homes. The Spring Fundraiser and Fall Festival are two major parts of our annual budget.  You can click HERE to make your tax-deductible donation (select SPRING MIX 2021 and enter the amount you wish to donate).


For the FUN part of our Spring Mix, we are holding "Chat Rooms at Eight" on Saturday, April 24.  This is a play on our past "Dinner at Eight" theme.  You can join one or more of our chat rooms - each will have a different topic of discussion.  Click HERE to sign up for the chat room you want to attend. (You can only select one, but you will be free to hop to the other chat rooms if you wish to do so.) There is no charge to participate.


What about our Flat Rabbis?  This is a play on Flat Stanley - which you may remember from your (or your child's) school days.  Click HERE to download our Flat Rabbis.  Print them out, color them (or have your kids color them), then take them with you for a walk, a bike ride, while you attend services, or watch your favorite TV show.  Take a picture of them accompanying you on one or more adventures and email the picture(s) to Jessi Balogh at, by May 7. We will put together a fun slide show which you can view on our website.

 Make a donation to the Spring Mix "Unevent" Event

Download Flat Rabbis

Sign up for the Chat Room you want to attend

Spring Mix 2021 presents THE BIG _UNEVEN

Chat Room Topics of Discussion

Chat Room 1: Meditation & Mindfulness

Hosted By Nichol Walters & Andra LeBauer

Chat Room 2: Binge-Worthy Shows

Hosted By Stacey Papier

Chat Room 3: Book Talk--What are you Reading?

Hosted By Jennie Spallone

Chat Room 4: Coping with Anxiety in Adolescents

Hosted By Sara Kramer

Chat Room 5: Fun Stuff to do with Preschoolers

Hosted By Louise Van Schaack

Chat Room 6: Sports Talk!

Hosted By Barry Romberg & Paul Benson

Chat Room 7: Travel-Where have you been? Where are you going?

Hosted By Ron & Victoria Milstein

Chat Room 8: Baking: A Star of David Challah 

Hosted By Emily Kranz

Click here to download the Challah Recipe

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