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Sponsorship Opportunities
in Honor of Rabbi Fred Guttman

A Meaningful Impact and Enduring Legacy

Over the last 27 years, Rabbi Fred Guttman has provided inspired leadership to Temple Emanuel. His infectious spirit and enthusiasm stood out from the beginning, motivating congregants of every age to dig deeper into their Jewish faith, study Torah, and embrace the inherent beauty of our rituals. Under Rabbi Fred’s influence, Temple Emanuel has grown into a vibrant center of Jewish life for nearly 600 families. He has touched our lives in more ways than can be recounted in one letter.


An Educator Who Brings the Beauty of our Customs to Life


Jewish education has always been paramount to Rabbi Fred.  Teaching, enhancing the knowledge of young and adult students, and instilling a quest for a deeper understanding of Jewish history, laws and customs have been at the core of his life’s work. His impact at Temple Emanuel has been felt in classrooms, special programs, Shabbat services, and community events. In a short amount of time, the once sparsely attended Chevrah Torah transitioned into a crowded room, bustling with energy, voices eagerly responding to Rabbi Fred’s thoughtful questions, parables, and insights – always encouraging congregants to unpeel another layer of a section of the Torah, to interpret and

reveal an even more profound meaning. He has personally led over 500 high school students and 100 adults on March of the Living trips, traveling from the death camps in Poland to the miraculous state of Israel, imprinting on each a profound sense of our tragic history, resilience, and renewal. Measuring his impact on congregants is nearly impossible, establishing a foundation for lifelong Jewish learning that enriches lives through our customs and values. Rabbi Fred’s teachings and insights will endure in a continuous cycle, L'Dor V'Dor – from generation to generation. 

A Social Justice Warrior and Pursuer of Tikkun Olam

Rabbi Fred’s commitment to the pursuit of Tikkun Olam is unwavering, exemplifying the words in Deuteronomy, “Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue.” A singular force, he has been recognized as one of the “50 Faces of Justice” by the Religious Action Center (RAC), the hub of the Reform Movement of Judaism’s social justice and legislative activity in Washington. His dedication is reflected in the meaningful work and programs of Temple’s Social Action Committee. A driver of positive change, fighting for equal rights, compassion, and inclusiveness, Rabbi Fred’s impact has been felt within the Temple community, the greater Greensboro community, and beyond. When acts of bias or policies inconsistent with the progression of social or economic justice arise, his powerful and compassionate voice is almost always the first to fill the void, bringing people of all faiths together, to act in unison and connect the community to resolve conflicts and pursue the just and fair course.

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A Music Maker – Nourishing our Souls and Building Connections


Rabbi Guttman is a master at connecting people, and this gift is perhaps best seen in his use of music. He understands that music, joyous or contemplative, has the unique power to elevate the sacred and ignite a divine spark that touches our spiritual core – our neshama - deepening the connection to our Jewishness and to each other. Throughout the years, beautiful melodies filled with emotional resonance have been performed by a diverse range of artists at our Greene Street and Jefferson Road campuses. Rabbi Fred always found ways to nourish our spiritual lives through music. When an image evoking the specialness of Temple Emanuel comes to mind, it’s often one of congregants standing together, holding hands, swaying shoulder-to-shoulder to a much-loved melody at Shabbat, High Holiday or MLK Jr. services.

A Leader Who Honors our Temple, Congregants and Community

Rabbi Fred has been there for the most sacred moments of our lives, officiating or participating in ceremonies that span every life cycle event, sharing in the joy of our simchas and providing comfort and counsel during our times of bereavement.


He has consistently honored us with his commitment to Jewish education, social justice, and spiritual guidance, helping each of us live a life that is rooted in the teachings and values of our faith.


Now is our Time to Honor Rabbi Fred . . .

On Saturday, August 20, we will celebrate his life, leadership, and legacy. We hope you will join us for this special evening of food, entertainment, and social connection. Tickets for the event are $59 per person or $118 per couple. You will receive a formal invitation to this event in the mail by the end of July. But we wanted to share with you now that there are several ways to participate and make a tangible statement of our individual and collective appreciation for his long, meaningful tenure of rabbinic leadership at Temple Emanuel.

Honoring Rabbi Fred

In addition to attending the celebration on August 20, there are a number of sponsorship opportunities that are titled to recognize Rabbi Fred’s areas of interest and impact – including Education, Social Action, Music, and Leadership. Rabbi Fred also has the distinction of being our 2022 Book of the New Year (BONY) Honoree. Sequencing this High Holiday honor with the August 20 dinner celebration provides sponsors with additional opportunities. The BONY forms will be sent out later this month.

All proceeds from sponsorships and contributions will go to the Rabbi Fred Guttman Endowment Fund for Temple Emanuel, which will help build a more financially secure future for Temple Emanuel. Donors may also direct their gifts to other funds in honor of Rabbi Guttman if they choose.   

Given the challenges and uncertainty of the last two years, this is the ideal time to come together to honor Rabbi Fred and support the future of Temple Emanuel. Thank you for being a sacred part of the Temple Emanuel family.  

Sponsorship Opportunities


Each sponsorship opportunity includes tickets to the August 20th celebration and seating at a prime location. All sponsors will be listed in the Event Program and in the 2022 Book of the New Year.


$500 – “Mazon”Dinner Sponsor – Includes 2 tickets to the event at a prime table


$1,800 – “Zemer” – Music Maker – Includes 4 tickets to the event at a prime table


$3,600 – “Tikkun Olam” – Social Justice Warrior – Includes full table (10 tickets) to the event in a prime location, and a quarter-page ad in the Book of the New Year


$5,000 – “Talmud Torah” – Educator Extraordinaire – Includes full table (10 tickets) to the event in a prime location, and a half-page ad in the Book of the New Year


$10,000 – “Kehillah” – Community Leader – Includes full table (10 tickets) to the event in a prime location, and a full-page ad in the Book of the New Year


$18,000 – “Chai” – To Life! – Includes full table (10 tickets) to the event in a prime location, and a full-page ad in the Book of the New Year


If you would like to honor Rabbi Fred with a sponsorship, please click on the button below. All proceeds will go to the Rabbi Fred Guttman Endowment Fund for Temple Emanuel unless you let us know otherwise.

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