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The goal of the Temple Emanuel Religious School(TERS) is to help children increase their knowledge about their identification with Reform Judaism. We want them to feel good about being Jewish. To accomplish this, we help the students to become knowledgeable about Judaism – about Jewish history, customs, rituals, community and values – within a caring, safe, active, and fun learning environment. Preschoolers (four-year-olds) through eighth graders attend classes. Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders are assistants in the school, particularly in the classroom, and ninth graders volunteer in the classrooms and the office. We have special classes that are arranged for Bar and Bat Mitzvah candidates. Children and their parents are welcome to visit the school before enrolling.  *** Special note for 2020 - To avoid the risk of spreading Covid19, we are currently holding Religious School Classes virtually *** 

TE Religious School Curriculum 


Madrichim, High School workshops, Youth Group involvement Significant Jewish experiences: L’Taken, New Orleans, March of the Living (11th or 12th Grade), encouragement to attend Israel programs including the Alexander Muss High School in Israel12th Grade Confirmation 


Alternating years:
1) Deepening our ties to Israel; The Jewish Tradition of Social Justice– Shabbaton2) Shoah; Relations between Jews and neighboring religious communities – trip to DC Each year: Mitzvah work in the community, Rosh Hodesh & Boys ProgramBar/Bat Mitzvah


Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedakah: Personal Refinement, Prayer, and Doing Good In The World –Bar/Bat Mitzvah Seminars beginHebrew prayers and blessingsRosh Hodesh & Boys Program begin18 Shabbat services in year before Bar/Bat Mitzvah 


Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh LaZeh (Jews Anywhere Are Responsible for Jews Everywhere): Ethics, Comparative Judaism, and IsraelHineini, Levels 2 & 310 Shabbat services 

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As a diverse congregation, we explore Jewish traditions, culture, rituals, and history in a warm environment that is inclusive, relevant, and inspirational. Preschooler or retiree, teen or mother, survivor or corporate climber, there are meaningful services, ceremonies and engaging events for everyone.

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