Adult B’nai Mitzvah

Adult B’nai Mitzvah

For whatever reason, you did not become Bar or Bat Mitzvah at age 13. No need to worry. Spend a year preparing to lead services and chant from our sacred scriptures, all while deepening your Jewish involvement and understanding.

Instructor: Rabbi Andy Koren

Class begins: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 and will continue on Wednesday nights throughout the year.

Time: 7:00-8:00pm




1. Candle Blessing

2. Kiddush

3. V'shamru

4. Tallit blessing

5. Modeh Ani

6. The soul...

7. Morning Blessing

8. Adonai our God

9. Halleluyah

10. Reader's kaddish

11. Barechu

12. The world is sunlight...

13. O God, inspiration and guide...

14. V'ahavta

15. Michamocha and Tzur Yisrael

16. Avot v'Imahot

17. Kedusha

18. Yism'chu

19. The Meaning of Shabbat

20. Oseh Shalom

21. Ki mitzion teitzei Torah

22. Torah Blessings

23. V'zot ha Torah

24. Haftarah Blessings

25. Aleinu