Teva Committee

The Teva Committee continues its pursuit towards Tikkun Olam at the Temple and beyond.  Our mission is:  to design, implement, promote and assess the success of recycling and related environmental efforts at Temple Emanuel.  

In addition to creating a comprehensive Recycling Policy for the  congregation, the Teva Committee has led the effort to use more reusable dishes and other products at Temple events and greatly  decreased the amount of waste we generate. An energy audit has helped the staff identify ways to conserve energy on an ongoing basis.  Our composting program enables us to turn our kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutritious fertilizer for the Mitavah Garden, in which we grow food to feed hungry residents of Greensboro.  A bike rack located at the side entrance of the Temple encourages less usage of cars by congregants.  We sponsor an annual Tu B’Shevat Seder to celebrate the Jewish Earth Day.  We work closely with the planning committees of large events to help keep them as “green” as possible.  By writing a monthly “Eco Mitzvot” column for the Temple Bulletin,  we continue to educate the congregation on living more environmentally sustainable lives.

In the past year, we have implemented a Styrofoam Recycling Project, and been honored as a Green Congregation by Environmental Stewardship Greensboro.  We have also launched our Solar Panels Project which should be completed in the fall of this year, making Temple Emanuel an even greener, more energy efficient congregation.  

We welcome new members who would like to help us in our important work.To become involved or if you have any questions, please contact the TEVA chair, Terri Flam Goldberg at [email protected]


Temple Emanuel has been recognized as a Green Congregation by Environmental Stewardship Greensboro, an interfaith volunteer organization, working to encourage sustainable life-style practices within faith communities and among all residents of Guilford County.    

Contact Nelson Stover at [email protected] if you have further questions.